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Know. Grow. Inspire.

Mental resiliency development for leaders and organizations.

EQEX Mission

To ignite change in human performance development fostering interactions and mindsets that can transform organizational culture and maximize performance potential.


EQEX Founder and Speaker

Nicole Morgan is a passionate and experienced executive leader, consultant, facilitator, and educator, born and raised in the Yukon Territory. She is a recognized leader in the north and in Canada with more than 30 years of experience. Her areas of expertise include organizational development, change management, and performance assessment. 

Reflective inquiry and mental resiliency are at the heart of her approach to leadership, coaching and innovating workplaces. As the founder of EQEX Leadership Development, her vision is to empower and equip executive and emerging leaders with the knowledge and skill to use self and system awareness with brain science to effectively lead their teams and organizations towards maximum performance potential.

As a certified mental resiliency consultant and executive coach, Nicole brings her core values of integrity, respect, and humility to this work in human performance development. 

Outside of the office, you can find Nicole playing her fiddle or strolling on the beaches of Marsh Lake.

Problems Worth Solving ...

Leaders today face significant challenges dealing with workplace realities such as ongoing uncertainty, increased complexity and changing societal demands. As a result, leaders of diverse backgrounds share many common issues:

  • Change and conflict management 

  • Employee burnout and disengagement (retention)

  • Talent selection and identification, and

  • Training to develop first-time and emerging leaders

These conditions require leadership that can remain connected, optimistic, open to scrutiny and capable of bringing out the best in themselves and others.

mentally resilient leader can understand and direct their own feelings and behaviours remaining calm and flexible. They have the skill to understand and react effectively to the emotions and behaviours of others showing empathy and hope; and they have the ability to adapt and use mental strength to solve problems and move forward during difficult times.



EQEX Vision

To empower executive and emerging leaders with the knowledge and skill to use self and system awareness with brain science to achieve their leadership and organizational goals. 

EQEX offers corporate training services and career advancement support to organizations and individual leaders.


Know. Grow. Inspire.



Karen Yamada,
C21 Canada Chief Learning Officer, CFO

"Nicole was a dynamic contributor to C21 Canada’s CEO Academy of Learning and Innovation network, sharing valued northern and Indigenous perspectives to system leaders nationwide. Nicole's journey embodies courage and optimism in her tireless advocacy of connection, dignity, and respect. She brings a special gift of nuance and awareness to her leadership and mentorship.  Her unwavering dedication to education serves as an inspiration across the C21 Canada network and within the CEO Academy Alumni community, and we are honoured to have her among us." 



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