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Mental Resiliency
(for leaders and organizations)

EQEX is a certified provider of the EQ-i 2.0, the world's leading psychometric tool for emotional intelligence assessment. This service establishes leadership benchmarks and workplace skills providing participants with an opportunity to grow through a self-assessment of their emotional intelligence with deeper insights for the purpose of being more effective at work and within a team. This tool can be used to augment other organizational related initiatives such as personality or aptitude assessments.
What is emotional intelligence?
Emotional intelligence is a set of emotional and social skills that together set how well we are able to:
  • Perceive and express ourselves,
  • Develop and maintain relationships, 
  • Cope with challenges and manage stress, and
  • Use emotional information to make decisions and engage ourselves and others towards peak performance effectively and meaningfully.
Emotional Intelligence Assessments 
  • Workplace: Learn about your emotional intelligence, its impact at work and suggestions to be more effective with clients, colleagues and supervisors.
    • Outcome: increased awareness of your overall emotional intelligence and impacts on the emotional, social and behavioural aspects of work.
  • Leadership: Link your emotional intelligence with leadership development. Understand how your emotional intelligence impacts functioning in four key leadership competencies and gain insight into your leadership strengths and areas for growth. 
    • Outcome: enhance your effectiveness at work with an EQ developmental plan, understand the impacts of your emotional intelligence at work and identify personal opportunities to develop and create the results you desire.
  • Teams: Have your team self-evaluate their emotional intelligence for deeper insights into their team strengths and areas where the group can be more effective. Includes facilitated discussion around team-levels and implications of emotional intelligence.
    • ​Outcome: Understand the relationship between individual EI scores, group averages and the implications for the group’s overall performance.
Individual and group 360 EI assessments are also available to uncover and explore blind spots and opportunities.

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