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Mental Resiliency Coach
(a thinking partnership)

EQEX provides individual and team performance coaching designed to maximize effectiveness by translating thinking into action and new behaviours. Your coach partners with you to support the achievement of your leadership and organizational goals by increasing system and self-awareness, exploring relational and strategic thinking and fostering the curiosity to challenge assumptions and shift perspectives. 

  • Individual Coaching: a co-creative and reflective process to identify the learning and growth most valuable to your leadership effectiveness, while working through barriers and challenges, within a mental resiliency based approach designed to meet your leadership and organizational goals.

    • Optional: add an emotional intelligence leadership assessment to understand key leadership benchmarks, the impacts of your resiliency and optimisim at work and identify personal opportunities to create the results you desire.


  • Team Coaching: a co-creative and reflective process with a team, including its dynamics and relationships, designed to empower members to maximize their abilities and potential to reach their common purpose and shared goals (clarify and enhance team objectives, relationships, and outcomes).

    • A team is a group of people with a common purpose and shared goals, who work interdependently.

    • Optional: add a group emotional intelligence workplace assessment to identify team strengths and areas where the team can be more effective (includes self and team awareness, identifying challenges, and collective resources to leverage). 


  • Group Coaching: a co-creative and reflective process that encourages dialogue, discovery, and action within a group. Used to promote a learning space between the members of the group, while your coach facilitates desired learning.

    • A group is a gathering of individuals with a similar interest and overarching goal with unique issues and experiences to share and reflect upon.

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