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Why Work with Nicole?

My Story

We all have access to the benefits of mental resiliency. Our brain is constantly at work, gathering data and informing our response to our environment and those around us. These internal processes are always at play regardless of our level of awareness. Our challenge is two-fold, increasing our awareness and revealing our biases. Generally speaking, we are all part of a society that often places greater value on knowledge to carry us through with little value being given to the full range of skills that inform our ability to thrive at work and at home. This imbalance limits our awareness and access to the abilities we can leverage in realizing our maximum performance potential. 

As individuals, organizations and communities we can unknowingly sabotage our own success. I have seen first-hand the transformation that grows through the practices of curiosity, reflection and vulnerability. These ways of being foster the space needed for self and system awareness, learning and optimisim; here we can begin to overcome the things that hold us back from being our best selves and bringing out the best in others.

All EQEX training programs and presentations are informed by current science, emotional intelligence, in-the-field experience and reflective-inquiry. They are designed to engage in sustained curiosity and begin from Jill Bolte Taylor's notion  that we are not thinking beings that feel, we are feeling beings that think.

Core Values

EQEX Leadership Development is founded on the following core values that inform how we interact with our clients, community and the world around us. These values shape our beliefs and behaviours guiding every decision and action we take.


means being honest, approaching our work with consistency in ways that are aligned with our values and honouring our commitments. 


means treating others with kindness, fairness, dignity, and honor despite differences or disagreements in beliefs. We show our respect by empowering others, recognizing their abilities and empathizing with their situations.


means to have a receptive mind; to be constantly learning, to have a strong sense of self-awareness and emotional intelligence.

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